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Athlete and Team Biographies

Flag of Malaysia 

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Aquatics Diving

Jun Hoong Cheong
Mansur Khairul Safwan biography
Mun Yee Leong biography
Malaysia Aquatics Diving Men biography
Malaysia Aquatics Diving Women biography
Bryan Nickson biography
Rossharisham Roslan biography
James Sandayud biography
Ken Nee Yeoh biography

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Aquatics Sport Logo

Aquatics Swimming

Daniel Bego biography
Lai Kwan Chui biography
Dawan Fraidden biography
Keng Liat Lim biography
Ming Xiu Ong biography
Tambi Razak Binti biography
Jaranding Stanley Anak biography

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Aquatics Synchronised Swimming

Malaysia Aquatics Synchronised Swimming Women biography
Png Shareen biography
Lee Zyanne biography

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Athletics Sport Logo


Mohd Hassan, Track biography
King Law, Seated Shot put EAD biography
Siew Moh, Track biography
Khaironi Mohd Hisham, Track biography
Norasheela Mohd Khalid, Track biography
Abd Mohd Sharrulhaizy, 20km and 50km Walk biography
Ahmad Najwa Aqra, High Jump biography
Roslinda Samsu, Pole Vault biography

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Badminton Sport Logo


Chong Ming Chan biography
Chan/Koo Badminton Men biography
Eei Hui Chin biography
Chin/Wong Badminton Women biography
Tan Fook Choong biography
Choong/Wong Badminton Men biography
Pei Xian Julia Wong biography
Julia Wong/Ooi Badminton Women biography
Kien Keat Koo biography
Koo/Wong Badminton Open biography
Chong Wei Lee biography
Malaysia Badminton Open biography
Sock Ai Ooi biography
Choong Hann Wong biography
Mew Choo Wong biography
Pei Tty Wong biography
Wong/Ooi Badminton Open biography

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Basketball Sport Logo


Siew Lian Beh biography
Yong Yong Chew biography
Seck Yun Choo biography
Siao Foong Chow biography
Beng Fong Goh biography
Suik May Kew biography
Bee Chuan Low biography
Meei Hun Low biography
Malaysia Basketball Women biography
Yann Yann Pee biography
Woon Yuen Teo biography
Chai Ling Thoh biography
Sze Yuin Yoong biography

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Boxing Sport Logo


Eddey Kalai biography
Zamzai Azizi Mohamad biography
Paunandes Bin Paulus biography

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Cycling Sport Logo

Cycling Road

Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lufti biography
Noor Azian Binti Alias biography
Suhardi Hassan biography
Leow Hoay Sim biography
Anuar Manan biography
Shahrul Neeza Mohd Razalli biography
Mohd Zayuti Mohd Zahit. biography
Norizan Binti Musa biography
Mohd Jasmin Ruslan biography

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Cycling Sport Logo

Cycling Track

Amirrudin Jamaludin biography
Junaidi Mohamad Nasir biography
Josiah Ng biography
Mohamad Hafiz Sufian biography
Weng Kim Thum biography
Mohd Rizal Tisin biography

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Gymnastics Sport Logo

Gymnastics Artistic

Nurul Fatiha B. Abd Hamid biography
Nabihah Binti Ali biography
Malaysia Gymnastics Artistic Men biography
Malaysia Gymnastics Artistic Women biography
Shu Mun Ng biography
Shu Wai Ng biography
Kwang Tung Onn biography
Wei Siang Ooi biography
Kai Ling Tan biography
Kiam Bun Yap biography

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Gymnastics Sport Logo

Gymnastics Rhythmic

Seow Ting Foong biography
Wen Chean Lim biography
Malaysia Malaysia Gymnastics Rhythmic Women biography
Durratun Nashihin Rosli biography

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Hockey Sport Logo


Tengku Ahmad biography
Misron Azlan biography
Lambor Catherine biography
Arumugam Chitra Devi biography
Boon Huat Chua biography
Mahmud Ernawati biography
Mizan Fauziah biography
Ahmad Intan Nurairah biography
Abu Ismail biography
Mohan Jivan biography
Mohan Jiwa biography
Mohamad Din Juliani biography
Arumugam Kannagi biography
Kali Keevan Raj biography
Kali Logan Raj biography
Malaysia Hockey Men biography
Malaysia Hockey Women biography
Megat Termizi Megat Azrafiq biography
Mohd Nor Mohd Madzli biography
Ibrahim Mohd Nasihin biography
Mat Radzi Mohd Rodzhanizam biography
Rahim Muhamad Amin biography
Abdul Rahman Nadia biography
Md Ali Noor Hasliza biography
Bakar Nor Azlan biography
Hashim Norbaini biography
Hashim Norfaraha biography
Rahmat Nurulshahizan biography
Kari Sebah Anak biography
Kuhan Shanmuganathan biography
Ruhani Siti Noor biography
Othman Siti Rahmah biography
Ismail Siti Sarah biography
Kumar Subramaniam biography

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Lawn Bowls Sport Logo

Lawn Bowls

Fairul Izwan Abd Muin biography
Affendy Tan Abdullah biography
Siti Zalina Ahmad biography
Arshad Azlina biography
Nor Iryani Azmi biography
Chui Mei Bah biography
Haslah Hasan biography
Nor Hashimah Ismail biography
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Men biography
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Men biography
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Women biography
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Women biography
Safuan Said biography
Azwan Shuhaimi biography
Syed Mohamad Syed Akil biography
Megat Mohd Zainuddin biography

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Shooting Sport Logo


Johari Azlan Bin biography
Joseline Lee Yean Cheah biography
Seong Fook Chen biography
Yew Kwan Cheong biography
Amir Hasli Izwan Bin biography
Seng Chye Khor biography
Malaysia - Shooting biography
Malaysia - Shooting biography
Malaysia - Shooting biography
Malaysia Shooting Men biography
Malaysia Shooting Men biography
Malaysia Shooting Men biography
Malaysia Shooting Men biography
Malaysia Shooting Men biography
Malaysia Shooting Open biography
Malaysia Shooting Women biography
Malaysia Shooting Women biography
Malaysia Shooting Women biography
Malaysia Shooting Women biography
Malaysia Shooting Women biography
Mohamad R. Mariani Binti biography
Abdul Mohd Hameleay Bin biography
Zulkifli Muslifah Binti biography
Bibiana Pei Chin Ng biography
Mohamed Nur Suryani Binti biography
Baharin Nurul Hudda Binti biography
Tian Xiang Tan biography
Chee Fei Teh biography
Bernard Cheng Han Yeoh biography
Md Zainal Abidin Bin biography
Hamsan Zulkeflee Bin biography

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Squash Sport Logo


Ong Beng Hee biography
Tricia Chuah biography
Nicol David biography
David/Ong Squash Open biography
Mohd. Azlan Iskandar biography
Sharon Wee biography

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Table Tennis Sport Logo

Table Tennis

Lee Wei Beh biography
Beh/Ng Table Tennis Women biography
Koon Wah Chan biography
Chan/Ibrahim Table Tennis Men biography
Chan/Ng Table Tennis Open biography
Chen Yen Chang biography
Soo Jiin Chiu biography
Chiu/Fan Table Tennis Women biography
Chit Sheng Chong biography
Chong/Chiu Table Tennis Open biography
Chong/Kho Table Tennis Men biography
Xiao Jun Fan biography
Shakirin Ibrahim biography
Ibrahim/Beh Table Tennis Open biography
Mao Sheng Kho biography
Kho/Fan Table Tennis Open biography
Malaysia Table Tennis Men biography
Malaysia Table Tennis Women biography
Sock Khim Ng biography
Ghin Chu Pua biography

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Triathlon Sport Logo


Kimbeley Fui Li Yap biography

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Weightlifting Sport Logo


Che Mohd Azrol Bin Che Mat biography
Muhammad Hidayat biography
Chia Chern Koh biography
Perumal Mariappan M biography
Guntali Matin Bin biography
Baharom Mohd Faizal Bin biography
Mahayudin Naharudin Bin biography
Johari Nurul Farhanah biography
Abdul Rashid Roswadi Bin biography
Zakaria Zaira Binti biography

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See you at Delhi 2010
Fireworks at the MCG at the closing of Melbourne 2006.
After eleven fun packed days, Melbourne 2006 is now over and all thoughts turn to the next Games - Delhi 2010. Nameste! See you in Delhi 2010! Swagatam!
Revisit the Incredible India Closing Ceremony gallery.

Medal Table

Country Gold Medal Tally
Silver Medal Tally
Bronze Medal Tally
Australia flag Australia 84 69 68
England flag England 36 40 34
Canada flag Canada 26 29 31
India flag India 22 17 11
South Africa flag South Africa 12 13 13

About the Games
Betty Cuthbert of Australia wins the women's 100 metres final at the Melbourne Olympics.
The biggest sporting event in Victoria since the 1956 Olympics.
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