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Esta Visa Confirm Strong Growth In Enquiry Levels

Esta Visa, in an exclusive interview with Sydney based Eleven Media confirmed continuing strong growth in enquiry levels for their professional visa agency services.

Esta Visa is a professional visa agency that aids visa waiver program citizen travellers visiting the United States in obtaining their documents.

Data obtained by Eleven Media from Tourism Research Australia show Australian’s travelling to America has doubled since 2009 with consistent year on your increases over this period. Esta Visa’s growth in enquiries for their services has exceeded this growth and shows no sign of abating.

Eliza Stoyn, spokesperson for Esta Visa, said this when interviewed by Eleven Media,“We are delighted to see those travelling to the United States of America using our services in greater and growing numbers year on year. There is a high percentage of repeat clients with many referring us to their friends and family, which is testament to the quality and array of services we offered finding favour with them.”

“Our website blog has become a very popular resource also due to the extensive travel related matters ranging from information on exotic destinations through to important matters relating to Esta Visa applications” said Eliza Stoyn.

As part of the Esta Visa’s agency services, live validation data, 24/7 support, extensive PDF documentation is included, as well as a 100% refund guarantee in case of visa rejection. They also offer a ‘rush’ service that enables applicants to receive their USA Visa in under 5 minutes. All services are offered in applicant’s native languages.

About Esta Visa

Esta Visa is a professional visa agency that provides assistance to visa waiver program citizen travellers visiting the United States in obtaining their documents. As part of their services, they include live validation data, 24/7 support, extensive PDF documentation and a 100% refund guarantee in case of visa rejection. They also offer a ‘rush’ service that enables applicants to receive their USA Visa in under 5 minutes. All services are offered in applicant’s native language.

Their website can be viewed here:  https://estavisa.com.au

Media Contact

Company: Esta Visa

Contact Name: Eliza Stoyn

Email: info@estavisa.com.au

Phone: +61-2-8007-4811

Address: Level 40, 110 Miller Street North Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia

Website: https://estavisa.com.au


In an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, leading Australian lifestyle blogging site Blog Chicks confirmed their feature on Rugby League Outlaws.

Blog Chicks is an online magazine website on lifestyle matters, commentary on travel and fashion for the discerning blog reader on the web. The site also features all things from health, diet, fitness, home & garden matters right through to tips for selecting a chiropractor. There is something for everyone.

Rugby League Outlaws isan independent source for Rugby League news and opinions. Dan and Terry, two shameless Cronulla Sharks supporters, discuss the latest NRL news, issues, rumours, player movements and predictions throughout the NRL season.

The National Rugby League, known as the NRL, is Australia’s top-level domestic men’s rugby league club competition. It contains clubs from Australia and New Zealand, including from the original Sydney Club Rugby League competition, which had been running continuously since 1908.

Learn more about Rugby League Outlaws via their website https://rugbyleagueoutlaws.com or their Facebook profile here: https://www.facebook.com/RugbyLeagueOutlaws

Diane Muller, founder and content editor of Blog Chicks said this in her interview with Eleven Media “We have been experiencing great growth in visitors to our online magazine over recent years. We have listened to the feedback survey from our website visitors as to the content and experience they seek. We have seen the importance of also staying at the leading edge of technology to provide information to visitors in the best way possible to those that engoy our website.”

The blog has been in operation for over 10 years and is committed to meet client needs both in the information they provided readers and technology they use. The leading Australian online lifestyle magazine has a long history of regularly featuring Australian industry sectors and companies.

Learn more about Blog Chicks and their array of lifestyle blogging features via their website here: blogchicks.com.au

About Blog Chicks

Blog Chicks is an online lifestyle magazine and leading Australian online lifestyle magazine site for the discerning reader on the web, on all things from health, fitness, home and garden matters right through to tips for selecting a business coach or cosmetic dentist. Something for everyone.


New Class A High Security Paper Shredders For Government Now Available

Confidential document security is a high priority for both state and federal government departments and agencies. Now new high security Class A super micro-cut paper shredders are increasing the level of government document security to new levels. One company leading the way in document security, Multishred is one of the Australian Government’s largest suppliers of high security Class A paper shredders. 

MultiShred’s new range of high security Class A (level P7) & Class B (level P4) shredders are now available in Australia for all Australian Federal Government departments and agencies.

Offering a range of security cut shredders – covering all security levels, from level P4 (4 x 40mm cross cut) level P5 (2 x 15mm cross cut) level P6 (0.8 x 12mm micro-cut) to level P7 (0.8 x 5mm Super micro-cut) machines. These new machines offer the latest in self-oiling, high security shredding technology. Made in Germany and covered with a 7 year warranty, these machines are SCEC Endorsed + SEG tested.

The IDEAL & EBA Fordigraph shredder brands, are the most common supplied shredders to State and Federal Government Depts around Australia. The most popular model- the EBA Fordigraph 5141CCC (P7) super micro-cut shredder is purpose designed for the busy office floor or photocopy room.

MultiShred Pty Ltd, which has been supplying and servicing high security shredders for both State and Federal Government departments and agencies for over 27 years are seeing a high increase in departments that are now upscaling old machines to new high security equipment.

If you need more information regarding their new range of security shredders, you can contact MultiShred on 1800 242 646 or visit www.multishred.com.au

Greig Dumper

Company Name:Multishred Pty Ltd

Address:  4 Rangers Rd, Neutral Bay, NSW Australia  2089

Phone:1800 242 646

Website: www.multishred.com.au


Melbourne Immigration Agent Expects Continued Growth on Back of Census Data

Australian Immigration Agency, a leading Melbourne Immigration consultancy, expects the strong growth they are experiencing to continue due to the continued strength in immigration numbers recently released by The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Mrs Ruby Fowdar, CEO of Australian Immigration Agency said, “We are a beneficiary of increasing immigration numbers as more people are needing the services of an expert immigration agent to assist gain entry into Australia” She went on to say, “The same is being experienced with Australians needing assistance in relocating to other countries where the entry documentation and issues encountered of some can be quite complex.”

Migrants to Australia tended to live in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, a trend seen in Australia since the late 1940s.  The 2016 Australian Census reported that just under half of all migrants in Australia lived in these two cities, with 1.4 million residents of Sydney being born overseas. The Australian Bureau of Statistics in their latest report on the 2016 Census confirms that there were 16,000 migrants arriving to Sydney each month alone.

Mrs Fowdar said, “We have been providing immigration services to local and international clients, including China for several years now and there has been a marked increase in requests for our assistance in recent years. This increase in enquiry is in line with the growth in new arrivals seeking temporary and permanent residency in the country, as detailed in the latest Census data. We expect our strong revenue growth to continue as the enquiry level from those wanting to immigrate to Australia shows no sign of abating.”

About Australian Immigration Agency

Australian Immigration Agency (AIA) comprises of a team of registered migration agents who are experts in Australian migration law. They provide professional advice to onshore and offshore applicant and personally assist with both temporary and permanent residency visa applications.

Australian Immigration Agency have office locations and recognised expert immigration agents in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Name: Mrs Ruby Fowdar

Organization: Australian Immigration Agency

MARN: 1173926

Telephone: +61 (7) 3012 6676

Address: Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000




Company Profile

Trip.com provides one-stop travel booking services in 19 languages through their website and mobile app.


They are a part of the Ctrip Group, a NASDAQ listed company since 2003 (NASDAQ: CTRP) with over 30,000 employees and over 300 million members, making it one of the leading online travel agencies in the world.

With more than 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, Trip.com have built an extensive hotel network to give their customers a fantastic choice of accommodation.

Their far-reaching flight network has over 2 million individual flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities around the globe. Combining this with their 24/7 customer service team speaking multiple languages via phone, email, or directly through their mobile Trip.com app. You can trust them to take care of your next trip.

The Trip.com website is operated by Ctrip.com (Hong Kong) Limited, (“Trip.com”), a Hong Kong entity duly incorporated and registered in Hong Kong. Trip.com is part of the Ctrip Group of companies. Trip.com is licensed under the Travel Agents Ordinance under license number 352367.

No matter where in the world you want the go, Trip.com has got you covered. From flights and hotels, to rental cars and attraction tickets, their extensive network connects you with all corners of the globe.

If in Australia, to learn more about Trip.com visit the Australian Trip.com Website here: https://au.trip.com


Trip.com Facebook, Trip.com Twitter, Trip.com LinkedIn, Trip.com App


Court Backlogs A Priority For New Law Society President

The Law Society of NSW marked the opening of the law term with some strong words from their new president, Doug Humphreys.

Victoria, Australia – April, 2018 /PressCable/ — Family Lawyers Sydney

Humphreys made it clear this his priority as president of the Law Society of NSW would be to lobby for more resources for Legal Aid and reducing extensive delays in the judicial systems as his highest priorities.

“Delays in the trial courts as well as the Family Court because of a backlog in matters and the increasing workloads of the judiciary are symptomatic of a justice system that is struggling to keep up with the needs of the community,” Mr Humphreys said.

As part of his recent speech at NSW Parliament, Mr Humphrey’s also noted that he would be working alongside Legal Aid to investigate further “alternatives to imprisonment” stating that there was still much work to be done.

Mr Humphreys has a legal career that expands over 35 years and has been a part of the Law Society since 2009. He was previously a director of criminal law at Legal Aid NSW and provides legal services to the Australian Army Legal Corps.

Sydney based family lawyers, Mr Hayder Shkara, believes that the court delays are having an immense impact on those who go through the process.

“The delays in the Federal Circuit & Family Court have become intolerable. There are ‘urgent’ matters being listed weeks in advance and it’s simply not good enough for the children and parties involved. Family law disputes can be emotionally draining and litigants want their matters finalised so they can move on with their lives,” Mr Shkara said.

Mr Shkara believes that the solution is in the hands of the Federal Government, and said “Sydney has the longest delays in the Family & Federal Circuit Court, with a 2 or 3-year wait for a final hearing. The stats in the rest of Australia aren’t particularly impressive, with 2-year wait in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.”

Trials can drag on for several years meaning that children caught in custody disputes can grow into adults before a judge makes a ruling. Litigants may then wait for a further, lengthy period for a judgment and final orders to be delivered.

Numbers from parliamentary sources confirm that the number of new applications filed in the Federal Circuit Court exceeds the number of applications completed every successive year.

This has led to a current backlog in excess of 1,500 matters, and this is only expected to grow.

Contact Info:
Name: Mr Hayder Shkara
Organization: Justice Family Lawyers
Address: Level 21 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61-2-8089-3148 

The Family Lawyers Melbourne & Sydney Residents Trust

For more information, please visit here: https://justicefamilylawyers.com.au


Porcelain Veneers Continue To Be Extremely Popular Dental Procedure In Sydney

Smile Concepts confirmed in a recent interview with 2006 Media the continuing strong popularity from patients for porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Sydney

Veneers are thin, yet strong tooth-coloured porcelain shells that are bonded on to the front of teeth. They have a “life like” appearance with the strength, beauty, and durability that only porcelain restorations can create.

Smile concepts, with over 40 years combined experience, has built a strong reputation in Sydney of providing a full range of dental services from a highly qualified and dedicated team. Their mission statement is to build authentic and trusting relationships with clients, at the same time educate them of the wide range of choices available. Porcelain veneers is one of those treatments and is growing in demand.

Dr Manish Shah, General & Implant Dentist with Smile Concepts said, “Porcelain veneers can dramatically improve crooked, crowded, chipped and gappy smiles. The veneers that we use in this procedure are of the highest quality and specially designed for the work we do. A big benefit of them, unlike crowns, is that they typically do not require significant erosion of the existing tooth they are being applied to.”

2006 Media’s investigation found that due to the advanced skills and technology at Smile Concepts, Mild preparation is only required and they don’t have to cut away a lot of your teeth to place the porcelain veneer on to the tooth.

Dr Manish Shah, General & Implant Dentist with Smile Concepts said, “Due to the fast and dramtic results that porcelain veneers can produce, combined with the minimal impact on the patient’s teeth, we are seeing continuing strong demand for our sought-after porcelain veneer procedures.”

For more information on Smile Concepts and their range of porcelain veneer services should visit their website here: Smile Concepts

About Smile Concepts

Smile Concepts are  one of the most trusted dental practices in Sydney with expertise in all areas of implant, veneer and general dentistry. They strongly believe in their patients having a beautiful smile & natural teeth for life.

Their caring and dedicated team, with over 40 years of combined experience, offer the latest dentistry technology in a modern and relaxed environment.

They believe in individualised care with all treatment being tailored to the particular wants and needs of each patient. All treatment is performed to the highest standards of precision, with the highest quality of materials, and by people with the highest level of skill, integrity, and concern for the client’s wellbeing.

Media Contact

Dr Manish Shah

Smile Concepts

4/307 Pitt St, Sydney NSW Australia 2000

+61 (02) 9267 7777



Fresh Flowers Confirm Adelaide’s Passion For Flowers

Fresh Flowers in an interview with Coach Media that their observations confirm the demand for giving flowers and gifts in the Gold Coast region continues to be well above average compared to other Australian centers. 

A spokes person on behalf of Fresh Flower in the interview with Melbourne based The City Weekly said, “It is pleasing to confirm that the trend of Adelaide residents giving flowers is showing no sign of slowing. No explanation can be given to the elevated level of passion residents show in this region to give flowers to show every emotion from appreciation to showing one’s love for someone. The ease with which residents can select & order delivered flowers via our online portal has been a real hit with them and we are seeing greater return customers, sometimes revisiting multiple times a year.”

Fresh Flowers create a variety of floral designs for wreaths, bouquets and specialty arrangements. Their business has a significant market share in the corporate and social event world, as flowers are playing a larger part in the decor of special events and gatherings than even just a few years ago. Centerpieces, entryways, reception tables, and stage sets are just a few examples of how flowers are being used in these corporate and social settings.

Floral arranging and the gifting of flowers has been traced back to Egyptian times and now with the sending of flowers on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day by loved ones, through to them being gifted on birthdays and Christmas growing more popular by the year, the centuries old tradition is as strong and important today as it was in 2,500 BCE

The City Weekly has observed that the growing demand for flowers to celebrate every occasion being seen in the Adelaide is in line with flowers being so popular now in the United States as gifts and staging of corporate events that they are being imported from overseas to meet demand.

About Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers is a premier Australian online florist that have a stunning choice of floral gifts; fabulous bouquets, elegant boxed displays, and charming leaf wrapped arrangements, all of which are created from the very finest quality frequently sourced blooms.

All floral arrangements are suitable for a wide range of special occasions from a beautiful bouquet for a birthday to a congratulatory gift to new parents on the birth of their child. Whatever the event might be, there is an exciting array of stylish flower choices as well as gifts to accompany them too. A bottle of Australian wine and a selection of delicious chocolates make perfect accompaniments to a birthday bouquet, while who could deny the complementary nature of a plush teddy bear and a bottle of French champagne sent with a charming arrangement of new baby flowers.

Not only can flowers be arranged for same day delivery across Australia by ordering before 2pm during the week or by 10am on Saturdays, but delivery can be arranged for up to twelve months in advance,

To learn more about Fresh Flowers, their range of Adelaide delivery services for flowers to as far away as Perth, visit the website here: https://www.freshflowers.com.au/location/adelaide


Sydney Chiropractor Warns of Electronic Devices Impacting On Patients Posture

Sydney based Advanced Chiropractic Care in an interview with Eleven Media detailed the impact electronic devices is having on the posture and health of those using them.

 18th January 2019 – Sector – Chiropractor Sydney CBD
 ‘Tech Neck’ is a condition caused by people looking down at their laptop or phone for extended periods of time, while completely unaware of their posture. We all see it and are all likely to be guilty of it. However, many of us don’t realise that simply looking down at laptops and phones is associated with migraine, neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, tightness across shoulders, and even breathing difficulties.

Digital Marketing Agency investigations found that Hansraj (2015) evaluated the amount of pressure on the cervical spine when the neck is bent forward at varying degrees. He concluded that as the head tilts forward by 15 degrees, the weight of the head on the neck increases from 4.5 kilograms to 12 kilograms. As the head tilts forward by 30 degrees the head weight is increased to 18 kilograms, at 45 degrees of forward tilt the head weighs 22 kilograms, and at a forward tilt of 60 degrees the weight of the head is 27 kilograms. In anyone’s terms, this is a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure to the neck.

Dr Zak Nishanian, the Principal Chiropractor Sydney residents trust at Advanced Care Chiropractic clinics in his interview with Eleven Media said, “I see a lot of patients complaining of poor posture associated with neck pain and headaches. Most have no idea that looking down at your phone while texting can cause dramatic health effects to your body. I encourage patients to bring the phone to eye level instead of bending your neck forward when sending a text message or checking social media updates on your phone. Ensuring their head is pulled back so their ears are aligned over their shoulders.” He went on to say, “I also encourage patients to take 30 second posture breaks every hour by sitting up straight, have them open up their chest with arms out wide and holding this for 30 seconds to gain relief from posture stain.”

To learn more about Advanced Care Chiropractic and the services offered by Dr Nishanian, visit their website here: https://www.advancedcarechiropractic.com.au/

About Advanced Care Chiropractic

Dr Zak Nishanian is the principal Sydney Chiropractor at the Advanced Care Chiropractic clinics, located in the Sydney CBD and Sydney’s Inner West.

He has been in private practice since 1996 and qualifications include a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Physiology at UNSW, and a Masters Degree in Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Additional post graduate training undertaken includes, the refining of different Chiropractic techniques, management of specific sporting injuries, diagnosis and management of different headaches, and the prescription of custom made orthotics.

Dr Zak has GPs, physiotherapists, and neurologists as patients. Previously, he was the head trainer/therapist for the Warringah Dolphins State League soccer team.

Advanced Care Chiropractichas had the privilege of treating many everyday Australians and their families, several of the countries sporting elite, as well as some of the country’s most successful business men and women. They offer gentle and effective care with all treatments specifically tailored to suit the individual’s patient needs.

Media Contact

Company: Advanced Care Chiropractic

Contact Name: Dr Zak Nishanian

Email: info@advancedcarechiropractic.com.au

Phone: +61-2-9262-6566

Address: 43 King St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Website: https://www.advancedcarechiropractic.com.au

Leading Australian Mortgage Broker Commences Year With Top Award

Finance Made Easy confirmed in an interview with Eleven Media how pleased they were to commence the year with an award for Best Finance Broker at the recent New South Wales Better Business Awards.

18th April 2019 – Mortgage Broker Sydney – Press Release

The NSW Better Business Awards , which honours the best brokers, aggregator BDMs, lender BDMs, loan administrators and those supporting brokers, were held on 7th March at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney.

Finance Made Easy is a boutique mortgage finance broking firm that provides clients with guidance and support through all aspects of their finance and risk insurance needs. They provide over 240 different types of mortgage products and offer interest rates from over 35 different banks and financial institutions.

Considered one of the premier mortgage brokers in Australia, their services are available in all major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia. Their qualified and highly experienced brokers, utilize their integrity, industry knowledge and vast network of resources within the property mortgages sector to benefit clients.

Finance Made Easy clients receive the latest, most up to date information to assist their decision in obtaining a mortgage. Comprehensive client consultations enable Finance Made Easy to ensure that client’s needs are met with the right kind of advice. Their mortgage brokers are available to visit clients at their place of work, home or location of convenience for a discussion about what the client’s current situation is and how Finance Made Easy can assist.

To learn more about the extensive range of services offered by Finance Made Easy visit their website here: https://www.fmegroup.com.au

About Better Business Awards

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the New South Wales Better Business Awards follows the award-winning Better Business Summit.

The Better Business Summit first launched in 2013 as a state-based event to provide brokers with straight-talking, practical advice to help them grow and improve their businesses.

It was the first state-based awards program to recognise and celebrate the best in the industry in their local markets.

The Better Business Summit has won multiple awards and has grown exponentially over the years to become the industry’s leading event, and now welcomes more than 4,500 attendees every year.

Media Contact

Tony Bice

Company: First Choice Mortgage

website: https://www.firstchoicemortgage.com.au/

Address: 57 Burns Cres, Chiswick, Sydney NSW Australia 2046

Phone: +61 1800 111 455

Celebrity Speakers Celebrate Ten Year Partnership with The Australia Day Council of NSW

Celebrity Speakers celebrate in 2018 the ten-year anniversary of supporting the Australia Day Council of NSW and their work in Celebrating Australian Excellence. 

Celebrity Speakers is Australia’s premier Speakers Bureau. It represents the acknowledged leaders and experts from Business, Media, Science, Sport and Entertainment from Australia and around the world. They provide informed advice about the best people to Inspire, Inform, Educate and Entertain audiences at events ranging from a boardroom lunch for 10 people, to an International Conference with 10,000 people.

Mr David Maher, Managing Director of Celebrity Speakers since 2006 made these comments when asked about the 10-year celebration of supporting the Australia Day Council of NSW and their work, “We are a proud Australian business and are delighted to have had a partnership involvement extending more than 10 years with the Australia Day Council of NSW. Working closely with the Premiers Department, we’ve been delighted to help secure some iconic distinguished Australian Speakers to share their ideas and stories that help foster the Australian spirit. “

The next event is a breakfast on 9thOctober 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia located at The Rocks in Sydney. Celebrity Speakers is proud to be have arranged for this event two distinguished speakers in Andrew Bogut, former number one overall NBA draft pick and Australian basketball legend, as well as Chris BathJournalist, host of the Invictus Games and Evenings on ABC Radio Sydney. Further information about The Australia Day Council of NSW can be found by visiting https://www.australiaday.com.au

About The Australia Day Council of NSW

The Australia Day Council of NSW is the body appointed by the Premier to lead the continued development of Australia Day celebrations throughout the State. The Department of Premier and Cabinet provide the secretariat from which the Council operates.

As the leading facilitator of Australia Day celebrations since 1981, the Australia Day Council of NSW stages the largest and most recognised program of any other State or Territory.

The Council is instituted to ensure Australia Day provides a platform that brings Australians together, allows reflection on Australia’s heritage and to look positively to the future

To learn more about Celebrity Speakers and how they can help you with your keynote speakers for your next event, visit the website here: https://www.celebrityspeakers.com.au

About Celebrity Speakers

Celebrity Speakers was established in 1978 and has been managed by Mr David Maher since 2006. Its head office is in Sydney CBD and is Australia’s premier Speakers’ Bureau. They are known for finding inspiring talent, for any event, be it a lunch of 10 to a conference of 10 000 people.

The bureau specialise in providing informed advice about the best keynote speakers, MC’s, and entertainers to the Corporate, Government and Association events markets in Australia and Internationally. Talent to Inspire, educate, inform and entertain.

Celebrity Speakers is truly global with international placements of keynote and after dinner speakers to all parts of the globe including Henry Kissinger, Neil Armstrong, the Dalai Lama and numerous heads of state, leaders of industry and sporting celebrities.

Media Contact

Mr David Maher – Managing Director

Phone:  +61 2 9251 1333

Address: Head Office – History House, 133 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW  2000

Email: info@celebrityspeakers.com.au

Website: https://www.celebrityspeakers.com.au

Australian Fashion Tech Brand Launches In The UK

Science and modern technology come together to create stylish period and leak-proof underwear for everybody

Australian underwear brand Modibodi has landed in the UK, combining gorgeous and comfortable underwear with incredible technology to offer period, pee and perspiration proof underwear and swimwear for all women, of all shapes and sizes. After selling hundreds of thousands of pairs and becoming hugely popular in Australia and the US, the innovative brand has launched a UK website and distribution centre to ensure that women across the UK can get their hands on a pair or two of these ingenious undies.

Founder and CEO Kristy Chong has spent many years working with top Aussie lingerie designers and developing her special and exclusive patented technologies that make up the way the underwear works, including the patented Modifier Technology™ and the patent pending Modifier Swim Technology, to bring women all over the globe a range of leak-proof, lightweight and stylish underwear. The UK website will feature a range of 16 different underwear and swimwear pieces, each with different benefits; including the active underwear- ideal for gym bunnies and those that work out and maternity undies – perfect for new mums. With a range of styles including seamfree, high waisted and thongs, there is something for everybody.

According to CEO and Founder, Kristy Chong “Modibodi™ gives women the freedom to live life in a fearless, sustainable and fashionable way. From periods, to discharge, to light bladder leakage and even mummy breast milk leaks, my aim was to make underwear and swimwear that was fashionable but utilised technology to offer protection and a more sustainable choice.”

The clever and exclusive Modifier Technology™ featured in the flagship Modibodi period and pee-proof underwear features a three-layer component; the top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops odors, a middle layer quickly absorbs fluid and locks it away (up to 20 mls absorbency) and the third bottom layer gives you extra leak-proof protection, ensuring you are at your most secure and confident, with no leaking through to clothes, which means total freedom.

As a fashion tech entrepreneur and social advocate, Kristy was inspired to develop, design and create Modibodi™ after her second child due to her own experience with pelvic floor issues. Kristy noted that despite modern advancements our underwear has remained the same.

“In a world where technology has improved women’s day to day lives from sleep through to exercise, I felt it was high time that our underwear took on the same route.” said Kristy

The Modibodi™ collection is a whole new solution to everyday life, from menstrual flow to incontinence, for day-to-day, swimming or when working out, all in a fashionable, sustainable and reusable way, reducing the amount of single-use products that end up in UK landfills. Modibodi™ products go beyond comfort and style, their mission goes beyond fashion – to empower women, to give women freedom and confidence and to give women choice.

Women often feel ashamed to be on their period and 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from some form of bladder leakage. Modibodi offers a stain resistant, fast drying and odour free underwear that can be a total replacement for feminine hygiene products such as pads, panty liners and tampons. 100 years ago women got the right to vote- now it’s time to break taboos, open minds and allow technology to help where it really matters and start feeling secure everyday.

The full range, including bamboo underwear can be found at modibodi.co.uk and locally at modibodi.com

About Modibodi

Modibodi, modern underwear and swimwear for all body types, launched late 2013. For almost two years Founder and CEO, Kristy Chong, spent her time designing, developing, and testing her patented Modifier Technology™ leak-proof undies into the Modibodi collection. Modibodi believes that making a positive impact should be as easy as changing the undies we wear and now your swimwear. Together with Modibodi, we are breaking taboos, opening minds, mentioning the “unmentionables” with a reusable, sustainable product line that will benefit all bodies on this planet.

Media Contact Info:
Name: Liana Lorenzato
Organization: Modibodi
Address: 4 Leathermarket Street, London, England SE1 3HN, UK
Email: info@modibodi.com

iPhone Repairs Sydney 

The Retail Score Launch Retail Analytics and Performance Portal  

The Retail Score is an Australian retail analytics company and have just gone live with the launch of their new website. 


The management have over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics, data management and insights. They provide Melbourne clients with the platform to not only easily analyse and measure performance, but to quickly; identify, quantify, act and track progress across a range of measures that drive success. 

Put simply, retail intelligence is about measuring what is important, empowering the organisation with knowledge and enabling & rewarding people to take action. To make this a reality, retailers not only have to integrate their data into one place but also must serve their teams from HQ to stores with easier and faster access to information. 

Wayne Rigney, Director of The Retail Score said, “Retailers who understand their customer, their business and can rapidly capitalize on opportunities by aligning their organization around the activities that matter most, will be more successful.” He went on to say, “With static traffic counts in Melbourne and transaction values, we help retailers to improve their productivity & sales growth by analaysing their data and making recommendations based on the extensive retail intelligence we have.” 

The Retail Score note that advances in technology has exploded data sources and made it easier to target Melbourne customers with tailored shopping experiences. Their retail intelligence can have a direct and measurable impact on a business by: 

  • increasing your productivity by automating reporting, 

  • improving your bottom line by reducing costs &/or lifting sales 

  • retaining top talent by rewarding hi performing sales people  

  • empowering planners to focus on higher value activities. 

About The Retail Score 

The Retail Store are an Australian based retail analytics company, with over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics, data management and insights.  They don’t just do business intelligence; they focus on delivering retail intelligence. 

The Retail Score provide Melbourne clients with the platform to not only easily analyse and measure performance, but to quickly; identify, quantify, act and track progress across a range of measures that drive success. 

Media Contact 

Gary Stubbs

Phone: +61 450150140

Company: The Retail Score 

David Penrose Queenstown

Aussie Demo Confirms Continuing Demand For Demolition To Be Done In Sydney

Sydney based Aussie Demo Confirmed in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media that there continues to be strong demand for their demolition services in Sydney.

Aussie Demo is a leading residential and commercial building demolition contractor in Sydney with their extensive experience ranging from single level residential home demolition Sydney residents trust right through to large multi-level commercial structures. They have a very good understanding of how Sydney buildings are constructed. For years, we have worked closely alongside builders, architects and engineers to make sure that structural integrity of the building is maintained at all times during the demolition process.

Mr Alex Pecherskiy, Founder of Aussie Demo, in an interview with Eleven Media said, “Sydney has been experiencing post the GFC a strong property market and this has seen the strong demand for demolition services as developers remove old building to make way for new complexes to meet this demand. It is only to be expected that property prices will stabilize, as they have done over the past year, but we see no decrease in demolition work in the foreseeable future given the continuing strong demand for our services that we are still seeing.”

Eleven Media’s investigations also confirm these comments with numerous large stock brokers Sydney buildings still ear tagged to come down buildings to come down. These include the recently announced Government projects that see the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney’s Allianz Stadium complex to soon see the wrecking ball in coming months.

About Aussie Demo

Aussie Demo provides a quality demolition and asbestos removal service to Residential, Industrial and Commercial clients in Sydney Metropolitan areas and its outlying districts. They undertake work from small domestic demolition projects and asbestos removal contracts, to large industrial and commercial demolition work.

Aussie Demo are fully licensed with WorkCover NSW for demolition and asbestos removal. They hold current Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance with the added coverage for asbestos.

All Aussie Demo staff are trained and accredited in the safe removal of Asbestos and the company is registered with the Department Of Environment and Climate Change for the tracking and transportation of it.

At all times a WorkCover NSW accredited and approved Demolition Supervisor is on site during the demolition and asbestos removal process.

Call today for a free quotation on the demolition or asbestos removal work needed to be done for your project. No job is too big or too small.

To learn more about Aussie Demo and their range of residential and commercial services, visit the website.

 Media Contact Company: Aussie Demo

Contact Name: Mr Alex Pecherskiy

Email: info@aussiedemo.com.au

Phone: +61-401-619-877

Address: 50 George St Clyde, Clyde, NSW 2142, Australia

Website: http://buildhubnsw.com.au

Property Investors Alerted To Buoyant Queenstown Property Market

In a recent look at the New Zealand property market, Eleven Media have alerted clients and property investors to the continuing buoyant Queenstown property market.

Victoria, Australia – December, 2018 /PressCable/ — Apartments For Sale Queenstown New Zealand

On 10th May 2018, as widely expect, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand kept its official cash rate unchanged at a record low of 1.75 percent. The central bank last moved the key rate in November of 2016. Economic growth and employment in New Zealand remain robust and at sustainable levels.

Eleven Media found property values increased in 14 out of 16 regions across New Zealand showing the continued demand for good properties particularly as listings continue to remain low in many parts of the country. The only exceptions to the price increases were Auckland and Canterbury – down 0.6% and 0.9% respectively – but these are only very small decreases and actually suggest that these markets have stabilised now.

It has been established that overall sentiment in the residential property market has continued to track upwards this year, gaining 8 percentage points in the last quarter. This follows an increase of 13 percentage points in the previous quarter.

A net positive 36 per cent of respondents now expect median house prices to increase over the next 12 months, up from a net positive 28 per cent three months ago and 15 per cent six months ago. The highest expectations for house price rises is Queenstown, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, and Hamilton. The median price for property in the Queenstown Lakes region is now $950,000.

For expert comment, Eleven Media asked leading David Penrose Queenstown real estate agent on his observations and said, “Property sales in Queenstown during May 2018 were extremely buoyant. There were in the vicinity of 89 transactions combining for a turnover in excess of $89,000,000 NZD. Of note 36 homes found new owners, along with 21 apartments and 11 residential sections.”

On investigation, Eleven Media found that in June there continued to be a steady number of purchasers looking to secure property in one of the most sought-after locations in New Zealand. They also found that currently, the combined population for Queenstown and Wanaka is approximately 38,000 and this is predicted to double in the next 40 years. The present visitor numbers on a peak day are 80,000 and this is predicted to increase to 138,000 in the next 40 years.

Further information on the property market in Queenstown can be gained by contacting David Penrose via his website here: http://www.davidpenrose.com or his LinkedIn profile: David Penrose Queenstown

Company: David Penrose

Phone: +61-452-633-990

David Penrose Real Estate Agent Queenstown NZ

Address: c/- Level 32, 200 George Street, Sydney , NSW 2000, Australia

Website: http://www.davidpenrose.com

Rising Awareness of Cycling Health Benefits Confirmed by Melbourne Online Bike Retailer

Bike Chaser, one of Australia’s leading online bike retailers confirmed in a recent interview with 2006 Media that their customers are talking more today than ever before about the significant health benefits that bike riding brings.

The Victorian Government on their Better Health website said, “To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical activity can help protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis. Riding your bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.”

Mr Jonas Christensen, spokesperson for Bike Chaser said, ”Many generations have seen cycling as a healthy and the low-impact nature of cycling makes it a great activity for people of all ages. They have also seen it also as fun, cheap and good for the environment.” He went on to say, “Our customers are commenting more today than our team can ever remember that the health benefits of cycling are completely underestimated and has caused them to take this form of recreational exercise up over going to gyms.”

Inner city commuters have also noticed the rise in riding to work or the shops as an alternative to taking public transport or private cars. It’s seen as one of the most time-efficient ways to combine regular exercise with one’s everyday routine. According to the key findings from the Austroads 2013 Participation Survey, 3.6 million Australians ride a bike each week and 7.4 million had ridden at least once in the previous year.

An estimated one billion people ride bicycles everyday world wide for transport, recreation and sport.

Cycling for Health and Fitness:

It only takes two to four hours a week to achieve a general improvement in health. Cycling is: Low impact – it causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise.+ A good muscle workout – cycling uses all the major muscle groups when peddling. + Easy – unlike some other sports, cycling does not require high levels of physical skill. + Most people know how to ride a bike and, once learned, it’s not forgotten. + Good for strength and stamina – cycling increases stamina, strength and aerobic fitness. + With intensity if desired – cycling can be done at very low intensity to begin with, if recovering from injury or illness, but can be built up to a demanding physical workout. + A fun way to get fit – the adventure and buzz of coasting down hills and being outdoors means one is more likely to continue to cycle regularly, compared to other indoor physical activities or require special times or places. + Time-efficient – as a mode of transport, cycling replaces sedentary (sitting) time spent driving motor vehicles or using trams, trains or buses with healthy exercise.

Health Benefits of Regular Cycling:

Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. Cyclists breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improves overall fitness levels.

The health benefits of regular cycling include: decreased stress levels – improved posture and coordination – strengthened bones decreased body fat levels prevention or management of disease reduced anxiety and depression. – increased muscle strength and flexibility – improved joint mobility – increased cardiovascular fitness – good health, and can reduce the chances of experiencing many health problems.

About Bike Chaser

Australia’s number 1 platform for buying and selling everything bicycle. It exists to support and foster the growth of the Australian cycling community by providing a platform for cyclists to connect, trade and unite. Buy and sell anything bicycle via their simple yet comprehensive trading platform, designed to remove the cost and hassle of buying and selling cycling gear.

Bike Chaser offers membership access to get exclusive discounts, deals and content sourced by them for members benefit.

Learn more about Bike Chaser by visiting the website here: https://www.bikechaser.com.au/

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Media Contact:
Name: Mr Jonas Christensen
Organization: Bike Chaser – Melbourne
Address: 14 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Increasing Trend In Recycling Observed In Melbourne

Melbourne based Rubbish Removal Services has observed a significant increase in recycling requests from their customers.

Commercial businesses and homeowners alike are all making greater efforts to reduce waste and are turning more to recycling options. The City Of Melbourne website has dedicated pages on recycling as well as information on the safe disposal of e-waste and chemicals.

Rubbish Removal Services has for many years been also working on all aspects and methods of increasing the recycling component of their rubbish collection processing. This has been at the expense of overall business efficiencies as incorporating recycling, beyond what other contractors do, has an impact on their operation. However, the management is committed also to the values shown by The City Of Melbourne’s leadership.

Mr John Jones, Marketing Manager for Sydney Rubbish Removal Services said, “We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible and have worked for years with certified recycling centers to reduce the load on land fills.” He went on to say, “The interesting observation we have made is the dramatic increase we have noticed from customers asking about our recycling policies and advice how they could be more responsible in this regard.”

Rubbish Removal Services has worked hard to keep pace with the increasing volumes of solid waste needing to be recycled, while needing to be competitive in a highly competitive industry. The many years experience in doing this as part of their business has allowed them to achieve this.

About Rubbish Removal Services

Rubbish Removal Sydney Services is one of the more established rubbish removal companies in Sydney with operations in Melbourne. It disposes of any type of rubbish from home, office, commercial premises or industrial / factory sites and warehouses.

The company prides itself on personal service and customer care. It operates across Melbourne and its outlying regions.

For more information about the Rubbish Removal services offered by Rubbish Removal Services, visit the website here: http://www.rubbishremoval.services

Media Contact:

Mr John Jones
Rubbish Removal Services
Address: 11 Potter Street, Victoria 3100 Australia  

Forex Brokers Featured In New Online Directory

IG Australia

Sydney based Online Brokers Directory announced today the launch of their new website featuring Australian forex brokers, stock brokers, CFD providers and other financial services providers.

Sydney, Australia – April 12, 2018 /PressCable/ —

The founders of Online Brokers Directory have over 40 years’ combined experience in the Australasian financial services industry and could see the benefit to both financial services providers and prospective clients with the comprehensive online reference portal they have created.

The directory showcases the array of retail Foreign Exchange broking services offered by operators licensed in Australia in the respective forex brokers  Stock Brokers, equities, CFD brokers, as well as other financial service providers like self-managed super fund managers. It gives visitors to the website the ability to search for, and easily make contact with, online brokers by specialty or location with ease, as well as access top-rated broker research material for their online trading or long term investing strategies.

Mr Stuart Young, Co-Founder of Online Brokers Directory said, “We did a survey of leading Australian financial services providers and prospective users of the website to derive the best solution possible for all users of it. Feedback received during the beta testing stage has been extremely positive from all involved.” He went on to say, “We were particularly keen to make this a resource site full of rich media and constantly updated material that visitors to the site would not only find educational but a regular place to return to access additional trading information, special promotions and webinars.”

In an interview with ULRC Media, the co-founders detailed how featured forex top brokers, by updating their upcoming events and webinars in their profile, got to have these prominently ‘featured’ on the home page as well as in the events calendar and is proving to be a real hit with visitors to the site. The feedback has also been extremely favourable on the ease of comparing brokers from those featured taking the time to showcase their various rates and special feature offerings.

ULRC Media tested the platform by searching for the best online brokers to learn more about their business and to compare product offerings, trading features, profiles and reviews, with other brokers. They were surprised by the results but also the great user experience and ease of navigation both on desktop and mobile devices.

“The website needed to anticipate and incorporate all aspects expected to be encountered with such a comprehensive financial services directory site. This included, international visitors, strong social media interface for the sharing of media rich material featured, ease of comparing financial service providers as well as many other considerations” said Mr Young. He also commented as follows, when asked if this was the first of similar sites to be rolled our around the globe. “We have every intention of this being the first of a global roll out. We would be delighted to incorporate any feature suggested by users to enhance the visitor experience. It was the intention for this site to be the international benchmark for such directory sites and leading Australian brokers who have indicated they want to be a featured broker is testament that this is close to being achieved.”

Media Contact Info:
Name: Mr Stuart Young
Organization: Online Brokers Directory
Address: Level 13, 167 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61-2-8880-5262

For more information, please visit here https://onlinebrokersdirectory.com.au

Silk Road Expo Prepare For French Launch

SilkRoadEXPO.com is a leading global online portal for smart shoppers, retailers and wholesalers and is preparing for their launch into the French Market.

The CCI Paris (PARIS ILE-DE-FRANCE) hosted a SilkRoadEXPO Trade Mission in Paris in March this year for French Retailers and Wholesalers in Fashion, Accessories, Jewellery and Home Décor. At the event SilkRoadEXPO showcased their platform and featured how exhibitors could gain international exposure by using it to taking advantage of the services SilkRoadEXPO provides.

Chang Xu, Founder of SilkRoadEXPO said, “The event attracted some well-known Paris fashion and accessories designer brands such as Dognin Paris, Sainte Isaure, Sophie Canoan, Alina Marti and other upmarket and sophisticated designed Fashion and Handbag brands who expressed interest in the services SilkRoadEXPO provides. One of the companies also expressed it’s wish to work with SilkRoadEXPO to help some SME companies in the region to develop their business in the global market, as it appreciated the value of our core business.”

SilkRoadEXPO will have a ‘French Launch’ in May this year, during which period consumers will see more products from French suppliers. The new French members and their products will also be introduced on SilkRoadEXPO’s blog http://blog.silkroadexpo.com and welcome global consumers to share their views on the products from the new French suppliers.

SilkRoadEXPO is continuously working on the market expansion for it’s global members, as well as global consumers, and is making a better way for the Retailers and Wholesalers to trade between East and West. SilkRoadEXPO is currently in communication with UK Chambers of Commerce in London with a plan to have the UK Launch in July.

Chang Xu said, “Global consumers visiting the SilkRoadEXPO website are encouraged to sign up for the regular newsletter via the request form at the bottom of the home page. The newsletter details real-time updates of featured product and highlights new initiatives that adds great value to both consumers and retailers, like the French & UK launch occurring in coming months.”

To learn more about SilkRoadExpo and their retail partners visit the website.

About SilkRoadExpo

SilkRoadEXPO  is a unique global online portal for smart shoppers, retailers and wholesalers in fashion, accessories, jewellery, weddings, footwear and home decor. It opens unique doorway into the global marketplace. They enable retailers and wholesalers to cost effectively showcase your products to new and existing customers worldwide. SilkRoadEXPO does not demand sales commissions from its members.

SilkRoadEXPO is ideally positioned to take advantage of a rapidly growing global online market that shows no signs of slowing.

Media Contact Info:
Name: Chang Xu
Email: support@silkroadexpo.com
Organization: SilkRoadExpo
Address: Level 57, 19-29 Martin Place,, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Clients Urged To Book Before Spring Arrives

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Company Urge Clients To Book Before Spring Arrives

Early spring predictions have resulted in an increased demand for carpet cleaning services in Sydney. The promise of good weather meant more home and business owners are bringing forward their spring cleaning projects with professional carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne reporting a spike in bookings this August. Demand is expected to intensify as the calendar moves closer to the official start of spring this year.

Last week, Weatherzone meteorologists predicted an earlier burst of spring for Melbourne. While another cold front is expected to hit the city in the following weeks, weather experts are saying that this could well be the last wintery blast Sydneysiders can expect for a while. Melbourne has already experienced some of its sunniest August in 22 years. According to experts, the sunny conditions are a pointer to the ongoing warmer spell ahead. If forecasts proved accurate, Sydney will only collect a couple of millimetres of rain over the next few weeks and is on target to post one of its driest July-August stretches since 1995.

An early spring is prompting more Melbourne home and business owners to schedule their spring cleaning projects earlier than usual. Gerard Kyrillos, owner-operator of DryTech Carpet Cleaning  said that the company has received more enquiries from home owners in recent weeks. “We usually get a dozen or so enquiries in the month of August but this year, the numbers have doubled.”

2006 Media found one of the reasons for this spike could be more urgency to get the spring cleaning out of the way, so property owners can spend time outdoors earlier. Professional carpet cleaning is an essential part of most annual spring cleaning projects. Spring cleaning is that time of the year when homes get a serious clean and de-cluttering. Most home owners will include professional carpet cleaning as part of their spring clean project. Spring is probably the best time to do this as carpets would have seen a lot more use in winter when families stayed indoors.

Kyrillos said, “Spring is always one of the busiest times of the year for us because owners want to get the big cleaning task out of the way so they can focus on the more pleasurable things like enjoying their summer activities.” Mr. Kyrillos also said that more property owners are choosing steam cleaning because of its ability to eliminate harmful indoor allergens that can cause respiratory and allergic illnesses.

Hiring of The Classic Tiffany Chair Still Popular For Melbourne Weddings

Leading Melbourne event hire company, The Party Hire Group, also providing wedding chairs hirage confirms the trend is continuing to grow for weddings event planners hiring The Tiffany Chair for guests to sit on at weddings they arrange.

The tiffany chair, also know as the Chivari chair, is the most elegant event chair available for hire. This chair is the most sought after for weddings and engagement parties in Sydney. The Chivari chair can transform a wedding setting, offering pure beauty and comfort. For those wanting a more modern look than the traditional white or gold tiffany chair hire, the clear tiffany chair, especially for wedding receptions is increasing in popularity.

The modern Tiffany chair look is very much in line with its original design crafted in 1855. They look extremely stylish, are very practical and exceptionally comfortable to sit on for long periods, as required for corporate and celebratory events.

Lavish events held across Sydney, and other cities of Australia, require large numbers of tables and chairs. Event organisers have been able to accommodate this by engaging specialist hire companies like The Hire Group that provide tiffany chair hire Sydney wide.

The Tiffany chair was designed in 1807 by Italian designer Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. The designer lived in the town of Chiavari, on the northwestern Italian coast. Because of its design origins, the chair is also known as a Chiavari chairs.

The chair was accepted as a great design then that became known as the tiffany chair and brought rise to many factories opening in Chiavari and surrounding towns. Today it is still seen as an elegant chair to suited to compliment regal events and is now manufactured globally.

To learn more about Sydney chair hire services of The Party Hire Group, including the popular white and gold tiffany chair hire visit the website.

Business Contact Details:

Address: Unit 1/26 Mcilwraith Street, Wetherill Park, NSW, Sydney 2164

Phone: 1300-33-99-81


Niche : Tiffany Chair Hire Sydney


N3 Air Conditioning Launch New Web Presence

Peter Nakad of Sydney based N3 Air Conditioning said, “We surveyed our clients and visitors to our past site to arrive at a website solution that suited the array of individual client needs and found that they had broad requirements from education on home air conditioning options through to the desire to simply contact us with ease. We needed to take all of this feedback into consideration in our new website design solution and are very happy with the final result.”

N3 Air Conditioning is one of Sydney’s recognized experts in the supply and installation as well as repairs and service of residential Sydney Air Conditioning residents trust. They are specialists in custom designed ducted and split ducting air conditioning systems that provides complete climate control solutions for any Sydney home in the demanding year round weather the region experiences.

Peter Nakad said, “The new website needed to be a reflection of the high-quality work we do. I am extremely pleased with the web designer’s ability to have captured this in the look and feel of the new website. We are also very encouraged also by the feedback already received from customers visiting the website since its launch.”

For more information on the company and to visit their new website, visit via this link: https://n3airconditioning.com.au/

About N3 Air Conditioning

For over ten years, the team at N3 Air Conditioning have been providing professional air conditioning services for Sydney homeowners. The primary focus is residential clients, and they offer supply, installation, repairs and service, for an array of air conditioning systems.

N3 Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business doing top level Sydney residential air conditioning installation work. With all work being fully insured, clients are putting their project in good hands. Pricing is also extremely competitive and their expert installers get the job done fast and as expected.

Regardless of the need for a reverse cycle or split system, inverter or ducted system, they can offer the very best solutions, at competitive prices, to meet your current home environment and lifestyle needs.

Media Contact

Name: Peter Nakad

Address: L13/167 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Email: peter@n3air.com.au

Phone: +61-2-9571-0581


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Brisbane ​Credit Repair Clinic Offer No Win – No Pay Engagements

Leading Australian credit repair company Credit Repair Clinic encourages those seeking repair of their credit history to only engage an organisation that charges all fees on a no win – no pay basis as they do.

One of Australia’s leading credit repair companies Credit Repair Clinic encourages those seeking repair of their credit history to only engage an organisation that charges all fees on a no win – no pay basis.

Mrs Mary Trimarchi principal of Credit Repair Clinic said, “Those seeking to clean up their credit history should only engage credit repair companies that fully understand the complexity of the work. Too many people proceed with inexperienced operators and pay high fees up front for removal of defaults when not all can be removed.” He She went on to say, “We only charge fees on a no win – no pay basis and our clients appreciate this transparency.”

There is quite an array of billing methods employed by credit repair companies from a single up front fee, billing scale percentages for completed work, right through to the no win – no pay method that Credit Repair Clinic employs. To learn more about this billing method visit the website via this link.

Mrs Trimarchi said, “It is important that the company engaged also looks at all credit reporting agencies and no just VEDA. There have been numerous instances with competitors only cleaning up the credit history on some databases like Veda and not all platforms being used by financial institutions. We ensure a comprehensive clean of the client’s credit record is achieved and only then request any payment.”

Not many people know the benefits of having their credit history repaired. The savings can be significant as shown in the following example: The interest rate difference between a good loan to someone with a good credit record and what is offered to a borrower with an impaired history can be in the order of 3%. On a $100,000 loan paid back over 10 years, the savings over the ten years in getting the credit history fixed prior to getting the loan advanced and avoiding this penalty margin can be in the order of $25,000.

Media Contact Info:
Name: Mrs Mary Trimarchi
Organization: Credit Repair Clinic
Address: PO BOX 3044 Parramatta, NSW Australia 2124
Phone: +61 (02) 9890 2655

Australians Alerted To Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall

Sydney based iPhone repair specialist Fone Fix, in a communique to clients has alerted them to Samsung recalling all Galaxy Note7 phones due to them being prone to catching fire.

At a press conference in Seoul, Samsung confirmed that the company will recall in the order of one million Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that have been sold around the world. It is understood that 50,000 Galaxy Note7 devices were sold in Australia and Samsung is recalling all these units.

Korea’s Yonhap News, reporting from the press conference, noted that Samsung had received 35 reports of battery defects or fires at its service centres, and the company had determined that the phone’s battery cells caused the issue.

Mr Shaun Moffatt, Managing Director of Fone Fix said, “We have noticed that the latest generation of smart phones, while pushing the innovative technology envelope, have lead to us seeing a significant increase in unusual iphone repairs Sydney  requests in recent months.” He went on to say, “Recent media reports of smart phones exploding and catching fire have alarmed people and its good to see Samsung taking this responsible approach to allay peoples fears.”

Details of the Galaxy Note7 phone recall will be released in coming days. Samsung will coordinate the Australian recall with the help of third-party retailers and its carrier partners who sold the phone to consumers. Carriers like Optus and Vodafone have already contacted customers to make them aware of the issue and eventual recall.

To learn more about Fone Fix, their services and the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones, visit the website here: http://www.fonefix.com.au/

About Fone Fix

Fone Fix Pty Ltd is a Sydney based Phone repairer and retailer of related accessories since 1993. They have two retail locations specialising in Smart Phone Repairs & iPhone Data Recovery. Typical repairs are completed in 30-60 minutes and include 6 month’s warranty on all workmanship and materials. Fone Fix are known in the industry for fast solutions for all Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Mobile, Tablet or Laptop screen repair services.

Contact Info:
Name: Shaun Moffatt
Email: repairs@fonefix.com.au
Organization: Fone Fix
Address: Level 1, Suite 107, 250 Pitt St, Sydney, Australia
Phone: +61 (02) 9386 1951

Sydney Cleaning Launch New Website 

Sydney based Top Cleaning Company is pleased to announce the launch of their new website showcasing the comprehensive range of office and commercial cleaning services they offer. 

Top Cleaning Company have seen the need to stay at the leading edge of technology to keep in touch with their clients and to communicate the array of services as well as special promotions to their website visitors.  

Mr Tommy Smith, founder of Top Cleaning made these comments when asked about the launch of the new website, “We did an in-depth survey of our existing cleaner Sydney client base to arrive at a website solution which suited the many individual client needs. This was necessary to deliver the most effective customer service portal.” He went on to say, “We found that existing clients and website visitors had a broad range of customer interests and are from a wide Sydney region catchment. The website developer needed to take this all into consideration in their design.”  

Top Cleaning  operates across the Sydney metropolitan area and its surrounding regions. The new website design is mobile friendly to meet Google’s strict requirements, is robust for ease of customers accessing it on all mobile and tablet devices.  

Mr Smith said, “We have structured the new website as a one stop resource for business owners wanting information on office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney. There is also a blog of cleaning tips and related advice as a reference resource that will constantly be added to.” 

The company has been operation for over 23 years in Sydney and the company is committed to meet client needs both in the services they offer and technology they use. 

They are pleased with feedback already received on how great a ‘user experience’ it is, from existing and new customers recently visiting the site while it was being beta tested. 

About Top Cleaning Company

Top Cleaning Company is a Sydney based commercial cleaning company with over 23 years of experience in the office cleaning services industry.  

They are recognised specialists in the following areas: All types of office, retail, club, factory, leisure, general, commercial, hotel and strata cleaning. Eastern Suburbs & Inner West Sydney Cleaner residents  

For more information about Top Cleaning Company, please visit the website.

Media Contact: 

Name: Mr Tommy Smith

Organization: Top Cleaning 

Address: 201Burke Street, Waterloo, Sydney NSW Australia 2017  


Fusion Markets Launch Australia’s Lowest Advertised Commissions For A Forex Broker 

Melbourne based Fusion Markets, in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, confirmed the launch of Australia’s lowest advertised commission for a forex broker.  


Fusion Markets have this month launched their online presence with the stated mission to lower the cost of online trading in forex, commodities, CFDs and other derivatives. Fusion’s vision is to provide access to the world’s markets easier, faster and at a lower cost than what exists in the market today. 

They have Australia’s lowest advertised forex commissions with rates that is on average 36% cheaper than their competitors.  Traders have the flexibility to choose the leverage they desire up to a maximum of 500:1 and over 70 different products to trade with.  

Mr Phil Horner, Founder and CEO said this in his interview with Eleven Media, “The team at Fusion Markets have over 50 years combined experience in the markets and are proud to be offering the Australian public lower priced forex commission rates than has been made available before. It’s exciting that in these very early days since our launch at the beginning of the month, the idea of paying far less has been embraced by those opening accounts in numbers well in excess of our expectations.” 

Eleven Media’s financial reporter, on being taken behind the scenes of Fusion Markets operation, experienced first-hand the seamless account opening procedure. They pride themselves on providing one of the smoothest account opening experiences and upon the client’s account being opened, they have their own trading specialist to help navigate the trading platform and the markets. 

Mr. Horner said, “Fusion Markets can only provide these low commissions by having state of the art technology to support the operation and its processes. Clients not only get the benefit of this cutting-edge technology employed in the back-office area, but throughout the operation including the client trading platforms. We welcome traders to try this for themselves and at the same time save money with our radically low commission pricing which is far better value than any other advertised provider in Australia by a significant margin.” 

Those wanting to learn more about Fusion Markets and their comprehensive range of services are invited to view their website here:   https://fusionmarkets.com/  

About Fusion Markets  

Fusion Markets was founded by veterans of the Australian forex industry. With over 50 years combined experience, our mission is to create a broker that adheres to a few simple principles.  

  1. Radically lower the price which people pay to trade forex, CFDs and other financial products.  
  2. Friendly support for any experience level  
  3. Use cutting-edge technology to help deliver a seamless trading experience. 

Fusion Markets are Regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), holding registration number 226199 

Media Contact

Fusion Markets  

MR Phil Horner 


Level 7, 222 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC Australia 3000 

+61 3 8376 2706 



Need a chair hire company for your function, party or event? The Melbourne 2006 team recommend The Chair Hire Co. for your event, regardless of the size or number of attendees.